KCL VQ Series Pump
- Specially designed for Gun drilling machines and drilling all deep hole parts.
- High pressure spindle central water discharge.
- Applicable to Soluble cutting fluid (95% water and 5% oil) and oil hydraulic cutting fluid.

KCL's PTV Series hydraulic pumps are used for high pressure coolant systems & mist coolant lubrication spray system. These pumps are made of special materials with unique design of low noise, low pulsation and high working pressure, allowing continuous operation.

The reliable composition and manufacturing quality ensure a trouble-free operation that enable to increase processing speed by 3-5 times.

KCL vane motors KCL vane motors

PTV Series are multi-function hydraulic pumps specially designed for machine tools of deep-hole cutting, gun drilling, high pressure coolant system, can be used with hydraulic oil, water glycol fluids, water-based processing fluids.

PTV Series pumps are exactly compatible with Grundfos Pumps.

We can provide you with reliable solutions in the following areas:

• Machine tool (center outlet)
• Filtration
• Cooling system
• Parts cleaning machine
• Deep drilling, cutting & washing system (gun drilling)


PTV Series Max. Continuous Pressure

KVM4 max. speed