KCL KVM series high speed, high pressure fixed displacement Vane Motors offer a wide choice of torque ratings, reversible shaft rotation, foot or flange mounting and choice of port locations.

KCL vane motors

KCL Vane Motors are hydraulically balanced to reduce wear & heat producing friction.The vane, rotor & cam ring are pressure balanced to increase life and efficiency over full speed range.

The rotory kit assembly is easily replaceable. The torque capacity of motors within the same sereis can be changed by changing he rotary kit or cam ring.

The Speed range starting to maximum speed (4000 rpm) with full torque capacity during acceleration. These motors can start smoothly at full load. To fully realize the smooth start characteristic, the designed maximum operating speed for single cartridge motors should be above 1200 rpm.

Ports & mounting conform to ISO-3019-1 standards, thus providing the most optimum mounting for connecting pipework.

KCL Vane Motors have high volumetic efficiency that is maintained throughout their operating life. The high starting torque efficiency of Vane Motors allow start under high load without pressure overshoots, jerks and high instantaneous horsepower loads.

Pressure, drain port d, 3.5 bar max. To ensure maximum motor performance in conjunction with your specific application, please consult your KCL representative if your application requires:

- Minimum speed of less than 100 rpm
- Overrunning loads
- Indirect drive
- Braking or retarding





KVM Series Max. Speed, Pressure Ratings

KVM4 max. speed