• Toyota Inner Ring Profile Grinders. (w/ Auto Adjustment & Inspection)
  • Koyo Double Disc grinders. (w/ Auto Adjustment & Inspection)
  • TSKK Slit Grinders
  • FUJI Sanky Double Disc
  • High-Accuracy Special Purpose Machines
  • Gun Driller

KCL is ISO 9001:2015 certified with state-of-the-art, the most advanced machineries and equipments.

Our commitment is to supply you with products of supreme quality with reasonable cost. Our talent is to process specialty and flexibility in manufacturing OEM & ODM high pressure vane pumps and valves. Our dedication is to offer you a reliant partnership so as to make your business booming with profit growing.

Whether you are an OEM or you want to revitalize equipment at your plant, KCL has the capabilities and the dedication to quality to help you succeed.

To assure and fully control our quality, we have continuously poured over 10 million U.S. funds to equip high tech, precise and computerized machineries in the recent years. The executives of a well-known and globalized American pump manufacturer have praised the excellent quality of our products and the equipments.